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The warm glow of bright pink and gold welcome you to the newest boutique in Village District. Balloons matching the store’s theme, float across the floor by the register where owner Chelsea Jennette smiles behind her mask. The balloons mark the opening of CharleyMadelyn on Small Business Saturday this year. As Jennette tells you the story of her business’ namesakes, her daughters Charley and Madelyn, you understand that the purpose and mission of this pretty store goes deeper than fashion. 

Owner Chelsea Jennette at CharleyMadelyn                                                                                                                                                                           

The faith and fashion boutique launched online in June. Jennette says the store’s goal is to empower women. CharleyMadelyn has a fashion line designed for women who like a feminine and chic style. The boutique offers a specially curated faith based collection including coffee mugs, devotionals and journals.

Faith based mugs and journals with a pair of new earrings make a great gift bundle at CharleyMadelyn.

This season, shoppers can find CharleyMadelyn gift bundles for easy and beautiful gifts. During this unusual holiday season, Jennette says clients have found the perfect outfits no matter your plans. CharleyMadelyn brings a little sparkle to the comforts of home with sequins, embellished sweaters or puff sleeve blouses. 

Festive and chic dresses and sweaters at CharleyMadelyn

It was just this summer, shortly after the CharleyMadelyn website launched, when she had a realization along the sidewalks of Village District. Jennette said she thought, “I would love to be here one day, having no idea it would be this soon!” With her location between The Local Squirrel and Ivy & Leo, she knew it was the best spot in Raleigh for CharleyMadelyn to grow. She gushes, “The aesthetic, just the community. I am so excited to be here I couldn’t dream of a better place to be!”


CharleyMadelyn is a dream come true for Jennette and her husband, just like their twin daughters. She arranges some mugs with scripture verses on them and says, “When people come to CharleyMadelyn, we want them to feel hope and faith and empower them. The best is yet to come.” 

It wasn’t always hopeful for the couple. The Jennettes are open about their year-and-a-half long fertility journey. She describes it as a “dark time” and wants to do what she can to help other couples who long to be parents. Since July, CharleyMadelyn has helped sponsor four couples financially during their fertility treatments. Your purchases at the store or online help hopeful parents-to-be. 10% of CharleyMadelyn’s monthly income goes to couples beginning or in the midst of fertility treatments. “With all of the mental and emotional struggles, we wanted to at least help financially,” Jennette says. 

Chelsea Jennette with her 18 month-old twin daughters, Charley and Madelyn

This season, bring hope to others as you find fun fashions and faith-based gifts at CharleyMadelyn. Jennette hopes you will feel the same thing she feels when she sees her daughters, “Everytime I look at them I see hope and faith and that the best is yet to come.” 

Read more on CharleyMadelyn’s donations to fertility treatments here

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