Let’s spread positivity – #GratefulGrowsRaleigh!

In these trying and uncertain times it is so easy to fall into a rut of angry, sadness and unknown. Cameron Village wants to do our part to energize our community and uplift our spirits over these next few weeks!

There are no prizes & no winners, just a sea of love and positivity for those people, places, or things we are grateful for that make our lives easier.

So how do you get involved? Here are a few ideas!

  • Post a photo or video of your family spending time together and use #GratefulGrowsRaleigh
  • Go for a walk on the greenway and upload a video of the scenery using #GratefulGrowsRaleigh
  • Grab #TakeoutForTheTriangle from your favorite Raleigh restaurant and use #GratefulGrowsRaleigh

Download our #GratefulGrowsRaleigh logo and hang it in your window or front door! Spread the positivity throughout your neighborhood.

GratefulGrowsRaleigh 8.5×11 Print Out

Join in socially and download our images below to share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Our Instagram Story template is a fun way to get your friends involved!

March 25, 2020

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