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Aa of 1/11/21- "It has come time to share some bad news that many of you may have seen coming. With relief and aid still not here yet, we really must do whatever we can to survive long term as a business. What that means now is that we must hibernate.

This is upsetting for everyone and not the decision anyone willingly wants to make. We set out on this mission of sustainable hospitality with key goals- first and foremost of providing a living wage for all employees. With no relief yet when we really need it, that has become increasingly difficult.

We also are slipping in regards to the goal of providing an impeccable product with an 86 list that keeps continuously growing.

Lastly, it is getting more and more difficult to assure everyone’s health during this pandemic. Over the weekend, cases in NC were reported as high as 6000 in one day.

We took a pledge to stay true to our mission and goals, and in order to continue to do so we must hunker down to assure our future survival.

So we will hibernate. And come back as soon as it is safe and sustainable to do so.

We are so sorry to send this news to everyone. It is upsetting for all of us. But we will be back. Thank you for everything you have done to support us from the very beginning and throughout this difficult time.

We look forward to serving you again in the new year. —❤️❤️❤️"


2130 Clark Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27605
T 919-322-0440
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so•ca derives it’s name from several sources: a Peruvian word for sugarcane, a popular style of Caribbean music, and inspiration from a well known geographical divider, the Tropic of Cancer. Located just north of the Equator, this line of latitude divides many countries around the world. so•ca centers its focus on the islands and Americas south of this geographical border (south of the tropic of cancer).

Located on the corner of Oberlin and Clark Ave, so•ca cocina latina brings the flavors of this region to Village District where they share their exotic culinary story seven nights a week during dinner service and on the weekends during brunch. Many of the items on the so•ca menu allow diners to travel to these unfamiliar lands without needing to leave the comforts of the Triangle. The available dishes are inspired by the foods commonly eaten in the over 20 countries represented on the so•ca menu. Indeed, while you might not find Brazilian Feijoada, Peruvian Anticuchos, or Puerto Rican Mofongo in many restaurants within the beltline or even in a resort in these countries, you will find them on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Lima, and Fajardo in vendor stalls or in the homes of the people that live in these lands.

so•ca’s valet will promptly greet you and escort you up the steps leading to our large Cabana style patio. Venture inside to the bar and snack on some Trinidad Chana Nuts and an ice cold Red Stripe. Crafted rum and tequila cocktails excite while a varied selection of mezcal, pisco and cachaça please even the most adventurous of guests.

A large selection of Latin-inspired street and Caribbean soul small plates lead the menu. Share, mix and match and have fun, before moving to the entrée section and dine on street inspired dishes of robust steak, elegant fish, exotic lamb and chicken dishes followed by flavorful and exotic postres. A variety of dining options help make so•ca a unique experience for all kinds of guests. Their casual fine dining level of service and atmosphere lend themselves nicely to any occasion including important celebrations, business dinners, or just a girls’ night out. The large selections of gluten free and vegetarian dishes mean that all diners have plenty of choices.


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