Cameron Village Welcomes CAVA

March 28, 2019



By lunchtime on Monday we saw this photo on a friend’s Facebook page:

Her post announced CAVA’s opening in Cameron Village on their first day and read “I just had the best salad! So excited they are here.” Reaction to her post continued with likes and exclamation point filled comments like “Love CAVA!!!” I’ve heard so many good things! I’m super excited they are here because Mediterranean is my faaaave.” Another commenter raved, “We have one here and I dig it!”

The word was out that this fresh, healthy Mediterranean fast-casual hot spot was now in Raleigh and meeting your friends to grab a bite in the Village was now even more delicious.

The Cameron Village CAVA is the fifth in North Carolina. The D.C. based restaurant has more than 75 locations. Chelsea Grieco with CAVA explains the how the company’s Greek and Mediterranean flavors make a great dining experience. She says, “Since day one, our mission has always been to bring healthy, mind blowing meals – rooted in our heritage – to communities across the country. For us, that means we cook and assemble our ingredients in house from scratch, with fire – each and every day.”

Flavors are seasonal at CAVA too. As Spring begins in Raleigh, fresh flavors are served up daily. Grieco says, “The CAVA Cameron Village location will open with our Spring Menu, which features: seasonal roasted vegetables of Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Cauliflower; a seasonal topping of Sumac Radishes; a seasonal Roasted Tomato soup; and a Spicy Lime Tahini dressing.”

Wow, we’re going to need more delicious descriptions. Fortunately, Greico shared some more. “We offer fire cooked chicken, beef, lamb – you can get that in a pita or a bowl with rice or a salad base. We also offer lots of veggies – both seasonal vegetables as well as delicious items like pickled onions, banana peppers, fresh made slaw, and amazing dips + spreads like house-made tzatziki, harissa or our crazy feta.”

You had us at “crazy feta.”

Order online or through the CAVA app and pick up your order quick at CAVA’s designated pickup area. The Cameron Village location has indoor and outdoor patio seating for warm spring days in the Capital City. Greico says, “We are looking forward to being part of both Cameron Village and the wider Raleigh community. We are excited to bring our commitment to amazing hospitality, bold flavors and innovative experiences to the Village.”

Greico explains that ultimately what makes CAVA so unique are the endless customizable options. Well, not technically “endless.” She gives specifics. “You can make up to 58 million different combinations!”

58 million? That’s a lot of lunches with friends and easy, healthy dinners with the family, but we’re up for that challenge. Watch out Facebook and Instagram. We may be blowing up your feed with some fresh food pics from CAVA.

The word is out that a fresh, healthy Mediterranean fast-casual hot spot is now in Raleigh and meeting your friends to grab a bite in the Village Is now even more delicious at CAVA.