Noodles & Company Opens

October 8, 2020


Noodles & Company Opens

It’s finally autumn in our city and the crisp air makes us long for fall favorites. Sure, pumpkin spice is nice, but we’ve been craving comfort. Mac & Cheese, anyone? 


Thankfully, the popular Noodles & Company is back for Villagers to enjoy this season. Next to MADISON, near Great Outdoor Provision Co., the new location is the perfect spot for pasta perfection. 

Noodles & Company Area Manager, Howard Elliott, oversees all North Carolina locations and says there is just something special about Cameron Village. “We’re excited to bring Noodles & Company back to the community! It’s what folks have been asking for.” He works with a staff energized and ready to serve a fresh, updated menu full of yummy favorites and healthy options. 


Howard Elliott (left) works with staff at the new Village District location of Noodles & Company.


Comfort Food

Noodles & Company has long been known for their ooey-gooey Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. Nothing warms you up after strolling the sidewalks in fall. “People are looking forward to the comfort. We have a good bit of our menu that are comfort foods,” Elliott said. 


Staff quickly cooks up fresh dishes from the steaming kitchen that immediately warm bellies and hearts. “Typically this time of year we introduce our different styles of mac and cheese from our BBQ Mac & Cheese to our Truffle Mac & Cheese. There’s really a comforting feel. Our traditional soups that come with our artisan breads and especially some of our Italian dishes are what really bring comfort and warmth.”


Completely Customizable

Caulifloodles? What?! You read that right. Caulifloodles are just one noodle option guests have to make their meal at Noodles & Company completely their own. We know you may be thinking that healthy noodles made with cauliflower can’t be very delicious, but think again! Noodles & Company does healthy the right way. 


Elliott himself is a self-proclaimed healthy eater and often seeks lower carb options when he’s not craving comfort food. He loves that Noodle & Company has menu options like Zucchini Noodles or Caulifloodles that still taste amazing. “The customization allows you to not only get the healthy options you want. If you’re low carb, you can get those dishes with minimal calories. All of our macros and nutritional guides are on the menu,” he says. 


A Safe Dining Experience

Like all restaurants in the Village, Noodles & Company takes all COVID-19 safety measures. Elliott says he’s impressed with the staff’s dedication. “We’ve always prided ourselves on being very clean and well regimented in food safety. Now, in this particular environment, we are just as relentless,” he says. Elliott predicts more customers will want to order their noodles to go, but explains that socially distant in-house diners are welcome too. He explains, “We’ve put protocols into place based on what the CDC and the Governor have advised on the best ways to train employees and serve customers.”


Elliott hopes Villagers enjoy not only the pasta, but the love and warmth he and the staff have put into the new location and each dish served. “This is a time when you will see our values showing strong! I think you’ll see a vibe, a happiness and a love for life. We’re gonna have fun!”

Fun. That’s the best kind of comfort. 


Noodles & Company is open beginning Tuesday, October 6. 

Hours of Operation:

11:00am-9:00pm Monday-Thursday

11:00am-10:00pm Friday-Saturday

11:00am-9:00pm Sunday


It’s finally autumn in our city and the crisp air makes us long for fall favorites. Sure, pumpkin spice is nice, but we’ve been craving comfort. Mac & Cheese, anyone?