SLT Challenges Fitness Enthusiasts

August 7, 2019


SLT Opens in Cameron Village

It won’t be long before you see some toned and smiling people of Raleigh walking around the Village. Toned because they’ve been working out at SLT. Smiling because it’s awesome. The unique and popular fitness studio opens in Cameron Village August 9, 2019. 

SLT means “Strengthen. Lengthen. Tone.” It ties together cardio, strength training, and the most challenging elements of Pilates – making it your all in one workout. Okay, we’re picturing ourselves seriously gorgeous and strong already! If we’re being honest, we’re a little sore already too. Amanda Freeman, Founder and CEO says “Expect to be sore…in a good way. The workout is always challenging, full body, yet core focused, but it will be different every time you come.” 


Founded in 2011, Raleigh is now SLT’s 25th location in seven states. Freeman says, “We’ve had inquiries from folks for years asking us to bring SLT to the Research Triangle.” She says Cameron Village is a fantastic spot for their first location in North Carolina. “The boutique fitness scene is burgeoning here and we believe now is the ideal time to introduce the SLT workout to the market.  Raleigh is a growing city filled with wellness-minded men and women looking for ways to efficiently and effectively look and feel their best. They are not afraid to work hard and are in search of the best offerings out there.” 


Freeman explains more of what you can expect during the workout, “We offer a challenging, efficient, effective workout that is high intensity, but low impact. Our equipment is best in class and our training and their attention to form and detail is top notch.”

This all seems amazing, but we have to admit, we might be a little intimidated by the machines and exercises called “wheelbarrow” and “scrambled eggs.” Freeman assures us SLT offers classes at all levels including the Essentials class. It’s the perfect class for anyone new to SLT or just looking for a slower pace, more detailed descriptions and instructor attention. She says, “Instructors are knowledgeable, detail-oriented and form focused. Expect a small-group workout in which you’ll work hard, feel muscles you never felt before and be motivated by both the instructor and the great tunes.” 


We already feel like we could get addicted to this great workout and could soon be up for an even bigger challenge. That’s when we get hardcore in the Hardcore class! Freeman says, “With a little commitment to the workout, expect to see and feel amazing results.” Clients at all fitness levels can get a great sweat session in the signature All Levels class. 

We can’t wait to take our workouts to the next level and meet the new SLT staff in Cameron Village. They are dedicated to providing you with the best 50-minutes of your day and a community that supports you in reaching your goals. Our goals are now to be toned and smiling walking around the Village after class. Who’s with us? We’ll meet you at SLT

Get results at Cameron Village’s newest fitness studio, SLT.