Welcome Kale Me Crazy

December 13, 2018


Kale Me Crazy

With all the indulgences of the holiday season upon us, we could not be more excited that this is when a cafe focused on health is opening right here in Cameron Village! You may have heard the buzz about Kale Me Crazy from other friends in the Triangle. For more than a year, owner Jeff Hutto has run the busy Kale Me Crazy in Cary’s Waverly Place. Now, Hutto is opening the new location close to his home and his heart.

Hutto says, “I fell in love with Cameron Village the second I arrived in Raleigh four years ago. The right space wasn’t available…but I never stopped checking in with the powers that be to ensure that I was first in line if a space became available, and here we are. Cameron Village is in my backyard and where my friends and I eat, drink, shop, and live. It’s the perfect mix of old Raleigh, new Raleigh,  college students (newer Raleigh?), and even high school students (newest Raleigh?) It’s full of healthy, active people of all ages and Kale Me Crazy has what they need!”

(Left: The Kale Me Crazy sign with slogan. Right: Some of Kale Me Crazy’s cold pressed juices. Photo credit: Anna Routh)


A Superfood Cafe

He and his health-minded staff blend smoothies and pour cold-pressed juices. Hutto even pours juice shots with bartender-like accuracy, but what exactly is Kale Me Crazy? Hutto explains, “Kale Me Crazy is both a juice and smoothie bar as well as a superfood cafe open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While we are known for our delicious smoothies and cold-pressed juices, we offer everything from avocado toast and acai bowls to poke bowls, salads, and wraps. At Kale Me Crazy, we believe in real food and we make every order on demand using fresh, organic and raw ingredients.  We also make all of our dressings in house never adding any additives or preservatives and we even make our own almond milk that we use in our smoothies.”

Wow. Hungry yet? We are! It’s not even for holiday pumpkin pie. It’s for superfoods!

(Left: Owner Jeff Hutto pours juice shots. Right: Customers enjoy fresh made salads and smoothies. Photo credit: Anna Routh)


The Kale Me Crazy Journey

Hutto opened his first location in June, 2017 and says bringing the cafe to the Triangle has been a journey like no other. “Opening the Waverly Place location has been an amazing experience and I have learned a lot. I don’t live in Cary so in order to get the Kale message out I had to immerse myself in the community by joining the Chamber of Commerce, walking door to door in every surrounding office building introducing myself, and sampling my juices and smoothies at every gym, yoga studio, barre class, or CrossFit I could find or, to be honest, anytime a group of 20 or more people would have me.  It’s been a lot of hard work and a bit humbling, but it taught me the hard work and hustle of owning your own business and making these connections has helped with our successes.

Now, Hutto says he can’t wait to be part of the Village family too. He says, “From the minute I opened Waverly, my customers have been telling me I should open in Cameron Village. Little did they know that opening in Cameron Village was always part of my plan. They just had to be patient along with me. Like I have said already, I fell in love with Cameron Village right when I moved here and it already feels like a part of my family.”

(Photo credit: Anna Routh)



Kale Me Crazy opened Thursday, November 29 in Cameron Village. What do you want to try first? Some cold press juices for a juice cleanse after Thanksgiving? What about a delicious, healthy wrap for lunch this week?

Hutto says, “My favorite part of owning Kale Me Crazy is making a connection with my customers and ensuring they leave with a smile on their face. While supplying a delicious and healthy product is a very important part of this, their interaction with our staff is where the special sauce lives.” See you at the opening to meet the newest Village family members.

“I truly believe it is our job to make every customer happy and I strive to instill this into every employee we hire.  I hope our customers feel this intent with every sip of their delicious juices and smoothies,” says Hutto.

(Photo credit: Anna Routh)

With all the indulgences of the holiday season upon us, we could not be more excited that this is when a cafe focused on health is opening right here in Cameron Village! Using fresh, organic ingredients, Kale Me Crazy serves smoothies and cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, poke bowls, salads, and wraps.