A Raleigh Tradition

Village District has been a favorite neighborhood destination for shoppers and diners since 1949. It is a place where generations have grown up and come of age. Where haircuts with mom turn into grocery trips with college roommates. Where shopping for first work outfits turns into shopping for wedding gowns. Where events like the Holiday Open House bring families together year after year.

Traditions unite families and communities. The shared memories created here define the village as a community tradition.

An Urban Oasis

Cozy neighborhood restaurants, friendly shop-owners, and a lush landscape—all make Village District a comfortable gathering space and retreat from the chaos of urban life. Seamlessly integrated into the surrounding neighborhoods, Village District is a convenient destination where you can get most anything you need, while finding fun things you want—a safe place where it’s easy to feel at home.

Village District is a refreshing retreat where you can explore and discover the best Raleigh has to offer.


Village District mirrors the strong, independent spirit of its founders, merchants, and surrounding community. We feature an assortment of unique merchants: many small, independent, and local—several found here and nowhere else. All offering distinct products and experiences. Here you can support businesses run by people you know and trust.

Each visit is an opportunity to celebrate the things that make our community unique.

Always in Style

When Village District was built, it was one of the first shopping and residential communities of its kind. And it has continued to maintain a progressive mindset for almost seven decades. The village continually reinvents itself to stay modern and relevant in a changing world. By preserving old favorites while remaining open to fresh ventures, Village District will continue to lead Raleigh into the future.

By staying connected with what comes next, Village District will always be in style.