Village District is not just a shopping destination. It is a set of shared life experiences stretching back to the 1950s.

We’ve collected your stories and memories of life in Village District into a living history. Have a story? Share your memory here.

Love is Colorblind

Hear Barbara G. tell their story.

I remember so well her marching all of us right back to the shop, where we went in and she "let them have it" in the nicest way that a Southern lady could do.

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Barbara G.

"Runner Boy"

I joined the program through then the Athlete’s Foot, now Capital RunWalk. Immediately one of the coaches caught my eye!

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Courtney B.

Friend from Honduras

Two summers ago, my friend from Honduras was able to come to North Carolina for a week.

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Growing up with Cameron Village

Hear Jill C. tell their story.

I still shop at Cameron Village and still love its vibrancy. It has grown up...just like me.

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Jill C.


The sales ladies made you feel like royalty...

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Jackie B.

Cameron Village and I Are the Same Age

Cameron Village and I are the same age so I have MANY memories, some that go waaay back. It's impossible to come up with one blockbuster memory. Cameron Village is so much a part of my life that it's more like a series of memories.

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Cheryl H.


As a small child, I was deathly afraid of Santa. One of my earliest memories was my mom dressing me up in my best dress, complete with "Sunday" coat and going to visit Santa in the Christmas section of Sears.

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Carole T.

The Wedding Dress Party

Needless to say we all started chiming in about why we would/wouldn't be able to wear our dresses. Some people said they'd be too big or too small or that they'd preserved their dress. I took that opportunity to say...

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Amy S.

Stop That Little Girl!

When I reached the door, I saw her running as fast as her little fat legs would go. Being 36 weeks pregnant, there was no way I could run after her.

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Nancy G.

An Integral Part of My Life

I will always view the current Cameron Village as it was and how it shaped my view of what Raleigh was all about–a very special place that I am honored to have enjoyed.

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A Real Bargain

As I was about to leave, I saw a beautiful huge Christmas tree that was being raffled off, I put my name in the box and gave the lady a dollar. Hours later I got a surprise phone call...

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Andrea C.

Cupcake Proposal: The Husband's Point of View

At first, Rebecca was so enthralled with the cupcakes, she didn't even notice the sign taped to the lid.

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Wallace D.

Fresh Market Respect

The memory has rendered me forever grateful to and in awe of the employees I encounter when I grocery shop who have successfully memorized all of the produce codes and mastered the best way to fill a grocery bag.

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Meredith M.

Cupcake Proposal: The Wife's Point of View

We pulled into Cameron Village and I joked with him about there being some jewelry stores and we should go engagement ring shopping. Little did I know.

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Becky D.

An Ode to Cameron Village

It is in the later weeks of November, the dawn of winter, as days shorten and streetlights stretch a dark likeness of our figures out against the cold grey sidewalk, as an unforgiving, biting cold constantly reminds me of the warmth of her fingers pressing into my own.

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Timmy O.

The Fish Pond

But I have to say the best part of my visit was always getting to see the indoor live goldfish pond. Those were the biggest, most fluorescent orange goldfish I'd ever seen in my life.

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Beth D.

Family Tradition

Hear Lane W. tell their story.

Each and every Christmas that we have been here, we have made it a family tradition to spend a full night at the Cameron Village Holiday Open House.

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Lane W.

Renn's Toyville

There was one toy in particular, a plush, stuffed dog, that really caught my attention. Each time I would go look at it on the shelf, until one time it wasn't there.

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Anne C.

Baby Buddies

We had met another couple in our childbirth class that was also pregnant with their first child. We were both due with girls within a week of one another.

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Melissa G.


I will always think of Cameron Village as a happy beginning to my recovery process.

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Meredith M.

Surprise Birthday Dinner

Hear Anna W. tell their story.

One of my favorite memories from Cameron Village was when my husband gave me a surprise birthday dinner at Piccola Italia Restaurant.

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Anna W.

The Magic of Cameron Village

My eyes would light up as we would approach Cameron Village. I couldn't wait to get there each year to see all the beauty and wonderment of the Christmas season.

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Kristin J.

Retail Therapy

Hear Sarah tell their story.

I thought that you and your friend were really pretty, and you didn’t see me, but I knew then that I wanted to be like you!

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Right on Track son's eyes would glow with the excitement of it all! His younger sister later joined us and the three of us enjoyed years of model railroading fun together because of The Hobby Shop in Cameron Village.

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John H.

My Other Home

Cameron Village was our place to enjoy a meal with family, shop for gifts, get a new dress or a pair of shoes, go to the post office, visit the hobby shop, or even look at the hippie clothes in those weird forbidden shops in the Underground.

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Kathryn B.


I will never forget how wonderful it was to catch up with my friends for hours in that perfect setting. I wish I could recreate the experience!

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Lynne S.

Shopping with "Mom-Mom"

Riding to Cameron Village on Saturday afternoons shopping with my maternal Grandmother, Bessie B. Harris, remains a wonderful memory of my childhood in Raleigh.

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Chie H.

Bonding with Braces

It was a great bonding time for my mother and me. The way I've always remembered it, I got something from the Village Squire every time I went.

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Millie W.

A Bailey's Surprise

He had surprised me about a year before with an amazing ring, and I told him I wanted to get him a surprise.

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Peggy C.

Going to "See" Santa

When I was a child, we used to go to Cameron Village every Christmas to see the lights. We would also go to see Santa Claus...sort of.

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Debbie M.

The Perfect Ring

What I did not tell her was that Bailey's was also on my list of places to visit.

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Rocky M.


Hear Elisa M. tell their story.

My mom and dad began telling these same stories, funny thing was, my husband's parents were telling the same stories to their kids.

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Elisa M.

My Little Sister's Engagement

I've spent many afternoons in Cameron Village, but one in particular that occurred recently stands out to me.

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Sarah W.

Shock and Aww

I thought we were shopping for his Mom's upcoming birthday until he got out of his car and came over to me to tell me...

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My Mom would only let us have dessert if we were in "the clean plate club."

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Joe B.

"The Q"

My then-boyfriend (now husband) and I had recently moved into an apartment in Oakwood and were exploring nearby date spots.

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Amy H.

The Graduates

The twinkling of the lights, the holiday decorations and the mild winter weather provided the perfect backdrop to discuss our hopes for the future.

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Amy H.

An Integral Part of My Life

Every Tuesday night my grandmother and grandfather would take my sister, brother and I to Balentine's Cafeteria in the Village for dinner. We always got the same thing, and were always allowed to have apple pie for dessert if we cleaned our plates.

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Alex W.

Model Trains

Hear Denise tell their story.

We would go to the hobby shop and look at all the trains, models and always left with some new goodies to add to our train layout.

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Jimmy Buffet

He took a drink of my beer during a song!

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Many memories stick very vividly in my mind of the time I spent there as a child and the only way I can think to do this is to simply list the vivid images and memories that I'll never forget...

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Thomas M.

City of Oaks Marathon

Breathless and aching from climbing up the Clark Ave hill, I was bolstered by the cheering crowds...

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