Village District has an almost 70-year history leading the local shopping industry. Six walkable blocks of tree-lined streets host a curated selection of local boutiques, fine restaurants, and regional and national merchants. Guests from the Triangle region and beyond frequent the unique village environment.


Partnering with the Village District brand offers many local and upscale businesses access to a highly desirable customer. The charts below show the demographic makeup of our core customer base.




Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a variety of unique sponsorship opportunities available—all customized to meet the needs of our partners. Village District has hosted many one-of-a-kind customer experiences in partnership with our sponsors. Examples of opportunities at our well-trafficked events include Jaguar experiences at our Holiday Open House featuring an open-air coffee bar and a healthy treats VIP lounge during our Underground event.

We also offer signage on-site including benches, posters, pot wraps, and a variety of graphics.

To learn more about becoming a Village District sponsor, send us a message below.


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