If you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s a little more unique, something with a little more character, Antiques Emporium has it. Antique jewelry connoisseurs Lee, of R.L. Dempsey Co., and Julie, of Monte Cristos Jewelry, showed us 12 of their most interesting engagement rings.

First, a sample of Lee’s collection.


1. “Art Deco”

We begin with this ring from the 1930s. Art deco is a style you might recognize from classic architecture, like the Chrysler building. But it also had a huge influence on jewelry. This ring is a prime example with its ornate style and symmetrical geometric forms. Price: $4400.

2. “Cartier Reproduction”

It’s fitting that this ring has a plus sign design within it because it gets an A+ from us. Sapphires and diamonds galore, this Cartier reproduction is real head turner. Price: $6500.

3. “With a Twist”

This is a rare instance where the ring itself might outshine the diamond. This handmade rose gold ring features a very intricate design. It’s simple and complex at the same time and is a perfect example of how beautiful an understated ring can be. Price: $800.

4. “Good Things Come in Threes”

What’s better than one diamond? Three diamonds of course. This ring made most likely between 1918-1920 is your classic three-stone diamond ring. It’s a timeless elegance that has it looking modern 100 years later. Price: $2100.

5. “Bold and Beautiful”

Diamonds love company and with this Victorian piece from the mid 1800s, it’s like a family reunion. This ring features gold alloyed with copper (also known as rose gold) to give it a bold dark color. Price: $2400.

6. “The Victorian”

If you’re looking for something simple and elegant, this ring is for you. This Victorian piece features a European cut 3/4 carat diamond with a minimalist band. Price: $2300.

7. “The Stunner”

Here we have an absolutely stunning transitional cut diamond ring. There are a few unique characteristics you’ll notice about this ring. Smaller diamonds are embedded within the platinum band, and the prongs around the signature diamond are parallel and perpendicular to the band. Just a couple of nice subtle aspects of this ring to complement a not-so-subtle 2.59 carat diamond.

Now, before we tell you the price, make sure you’re not drinking anything so you don’t ruin your computer or phone. Price: $25,000.

Fun fact: Before the 1920s, diamond jewelry was considered evening wear. Women wouldn’t wear their diamonds during the day because it was considered gouache.


Now let’s take a look at a few rings from Julie’s collection.

1. “Feeling Blue?”

This blue-on-blue combo will surely brighten up anyones day. This vintage 18K ring features a gorgeous aquamarine center stone surrounded by natural sapphires. Price: $1795.

2. “Elegant Aussie”

Most likely made in Australia in the 1870s, this piece features 18k gold and 1.2 carat diamond. The stone still disperses light incredibly well despite being almost 150 years old. The unique lines of the ring also offer an air of romance that’s hard to beat. Price: $5900.

3. “Edwardian Tourmaline”

Tourmaline is a type of gemstone you might not be familiar with. It’s a semi-precious stone that comes in just about every colour imaginable. This one in particular has us green with envy. Price: $1195.

4. “Art Deco Filigree”

The most remarkable thing about this ring is that it is not cast. Every little detail you see was created from tiny saws piercing the metal. It features a 70-point oval cut center stone and a band that is a piece of art in and of itself. Price: $6995.

5. “Classic Three-Stone Ring with a Pop”

This is a time-tested design that has never gone out of style. A fun way this ring differentiates itself is with an emerald center stone and diamond accents. Price: $750.

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And the most amazing part is that this was just a fraction of the rings in Lee and Julie’s collections. Head over to Antiques Emporium and they’ll help you find a unique ring with a character and history that’s hard to find elsewhere.

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